Sunday, 20 March 2011

School chatter daily...

  • T- "Right Kids! 21st Feb is the International mother language day. What does your mother language mean to you?" - "Normality" -Okeeeey:) "Let's expand this a little bit" - But I can't say this in any other language! :)) 
  • When walking in the school's corridor with one of my important visitors whose first time in the school...“Hi Miss"- "Hi" -"I was just wondering"- "Yes?" - "Ooh, do we have a psychiatrist in the school? I think I need one :))) 
  • "So Miss, during meet the tutor evening, will my parents only see you?" "Yes" -" Good then, cause I'm good with you. I don't have to worry :) "But I will have comments from other teachers as well, to feedback your parents" -"Ooh pls Miss, don't tell everything?":))) 
  • -' Miss, this lady teacher threw me out'- 'What did you do?' -Nothing, just sprayed myself in class, the others complained. -Why? I smelt. T- go and apologize, then she'll take you back. S-I didn't do anything wrong, I won't apologize. 
  • My Yr 11 group: "Miss, you know that boy loves this girl?" Teacher: "Do you know14th Feb's coming, write a card and give it to her":))) Teacher: "Please, stop flirting in the class. Focus on the topic. Leave the matter outside." Embarrassed laughs from students :)) 
  • Just another manic Monday :) Std-Miss, this room stinks, I don't want to get in T-We don't have any other room to go.. Std-Miss, I will faint from this smell! Teacher- Ok, then stay at the door, say you're here when I take the register Std- Oh thanks, Miss :)) 
  • Teacher: -Can you put your blazer on? St: -Don't like it! T-But it is part of your school uniform St: - Yeah, so? Teacher-The green hair band with the huge flower you are wearing is not part of the school uniform. Student -But all the other teachers tell me that it suits me, what's wrong with you? 
  • Teacher's rushing to the staff meeting...Knock knock...the door doesn't get opened... teacher opens the door to find one of the students hiding on the other side... S-Hi Miiiiiiiiissss! T-..Hi? S- You look stressed out! T- I need to run to the meeting. S- Oh, I thought something was wrong with you :) 
  • S (knocks the office door)-Miss, do you have chocolate rolls? T-No, why? Should I have them?S-No reason Miss. I just felt like eating them. T: Ok, next time I will have some S: Thanks Miss:))
  • T-Right kids. I'd like to give you lots of praise vouchers today. All you need to do is to read your favourite book quietly for 10 minutes..As it is quiet reading morning ..SA-But Miss I can’t read quietly, is it OK if I read out loud? SB- Miss, I don’t have a book, is it OK if I just keep quiet? SC- Miss, can I go to toilet? SD- Miss, can I go to drink water? SE- Miss, how was your break? SF-Miss, shall I help you with register? beeeep! beeeeep! beeep! T- Right, it's going to have to be quiet reading afternoon then..See you at pm register! Ss-Oooh, Miss:)

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