Sunday, 20 March 2011

My musings on life...and Twitter...

  • I never imagined life like this. The life I imagined was just fantasy. Real life's a blade of a knife in between nightmares and smiles!
  • When I woke up this morning, I saw words on my shoulders! One said Smile, the other said Cry! I picked up 'Smile'. Looked around some more; I saw 'Peace' and 'War', picked up 'Peace' because it looked calm! Suddenly, I heard some others shouting; War :( I turned my head around and tried to find the words I liked. I saw 'Love' and 'Friendship' and showed the others; said "I don't have 'War' ‘Compassion’,'Empathy' and 'Honesty' are the words I have. I offered them and asked them to choose. They thought I was crazy :) So just to make me happy, they chose 'Empathy' and let me go :) 
  • Lookout twitter-bazaar, words are flying around you; chose them wisely to express your thoughts and wishes! Think twice before using negatives; thrice before breaking a heart. Follow to encourage, unfollow to disagree... 
  • If your children want to talk to you; switch off the TV, turn off the radio, put away your drink, have eye contact, look face to face... Switch off everything, just listen, don't interrupt, don't judge, don't give advice, don't undermine, don't humiliate, just listen!!! If your children want to hug you; you're lucky :) Just drop everything in your hands on the floor and give them a big hug :) If your children want to cry, make sure your shoulder is free, have the paper tissues and cry together. Every minute is worth it! 
  • Good morning and gunaydin to all the members of twitter-globe. Have a fantastic day:) smile, cause everybody smiles in same language:-) 
  • If everybody was able to take a stand against bullying, the world would be a fantastic place to live. 
  • Twitter is like yelling from a mountain cliff; your voice echoes right back at you like a boomerang. =) 
  • I imagine living in a society where I can hear all the languages of the world. When it rains, all the smiles and greetings would be my umbrella. All the warm thoughts and different ideas would be my richness. I want to hear children laughing and playing in all the different languages in the world where they are not afraid to speak up! 
  • I am just a human with eyes and a heart. I try to feel before I see, so I sometimes close my eyes and open my heart. Sometimes I open my eyes and close my heart:( I have places to see, other humans to meet. I have obstacles to overcome. I need time to grow! I cry when no one is looking. I speak when no one is listening. I give my hand when no one needs it. I take it back when there is a need! I am just a human like any other. Thinking small, dreaming big. I am a mirror showing humans themselves. So they don't like me a lot! 
  • Languages in the world are like colours of the rainbow. When we lose one language, our rainbow fades away! 
  • Let your followers free, if they stay, they're yours. İf they don't, they weren't interested in your ideas in the first place anyway :)) 
  • Multiculturalism is to be able to accept and respect each other with all the different race, religion, sexual orientation and age... And live together in peace and harmony under the same law of international human rights. 
  • I'm a real person. I have high hopes and small steps. I see people like me. I hear voices of despair and fear but I keep my hopes high! 
  • If you want your children to speak your language, never hesitate to speak to them in first language but make sure you are consistent. 
  • If you are hungry, the last thing you care is your education! If you live in poverty, the last thing you care is the anatomy of a frog! Unless you get to eat the frog! If you want to educate all the children in the world, first feed them well! 
  • If there were a nation called People of Sun, I would've loved to be one of them! Good morning from sunny London! Sun gives me positive energy.One thing for sure if I was an Eskimo, I would have been in depression all the time and in need of psychological help :) Me no like snow :)) 
  • Thinking in two languages needs twice the size of normal brain but most importantly twice the size of normal heart! It is a tiring process :) 
  • Does language mean identity really? If you can't speak your native language, what part of your identity you lose? Part of your soul maybe! 
  • Sometimes life becomes so tiring that it makes you feel depressed and unmotivated to carry on. In these moments, little precious things come along and make you want to see the next day. I wish you to have the little precious things all the time and never let go of them..look around you they exist.
  • Smile to feel good..Laugh to feel better..Help someone to feel great!
  • The definition of human: a bipedal primate mammal (homo sapiens). Human nature: the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans. That's it! If there's no heart involved,definition of humans is no different than any other species in the world! Add a little bit of feelings to it!Mix it up with some tears because the salt in them gives us some taste, laughter is the sugar we put, then what you get is a human being!
  • Essential tools to teach English to foreign students in England...1: welcome them and smile 2: learn to pronounce their names correctly..3: make them feel safe 4: provide them with lots of visuals 5: activate prior knowledge. 6: allow 1st language use 7: give them at least 30 seconds of thinking time before they answer questions. 8: celebrate the correct answers, encourage for more 9: if they don't want to talk at first let it..10: celebrate their cultural and religious festivals in school 11: keep contact with the parents. 12: just relax, they are just like any other kid:)
  • Ok back to 'learning the foreign students names correctly', I witnessed this conversation many times "What's your name" "Jire, Miss." "I'll never remember this name. I'll call you Gerry, Ok?" :))) No, not OK! Who wants to change their names for the sake of a teacher?:) My daughter has 2names and one is Turkish which is written as Yasemin. It is pronounced as Yaa-sa-meen. When my uncle asked her once if he can call her Yasmin, she said "No, my name is Yasemin, not Yasmin" only at 5 yrs old:) Your first name is connected with your identity. It's Tuuba not Tube, thank you very much:) 
  • If you are in a room, the details you notice are the ones no one else notices, what is your job then? If you can't think about anything else but organizing your ideas, according to a timeline. Dreaming about a character night and day..If only you know how the story begins, continues and ends...Your job is to write until they call you a writer!
  • There is no use to ask 'Why the strong will of democracy now?' because it should have been yesterday! Humans deserve to vote their leader! I feel so lucky to witness and support this awakening while I'm still alive! Democracy, not now but forever!
  • I've learnt to wait and think before saying or doing things for the events or people that upset me, avoided catastrophes and chaos.
  • Twitter taught me to fit my imagination into 140 characters. I never thought it would be possible...
  • On BBC1 There was a debate about if feminism led to more violent women. What nonsense! Only more violent men led to more feminism everywhere.
  • It sometimes shocks me how some people easily use swear words on twitter:( Manners still exist in cyber-world, don't they?
  • Sometimes you find the right people, sometimes they come and find you:) Don't ever give up searching...

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