Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Edusolidarity...Feeling the power and strength!

Meaning of union..coming together, co-mixture, compound, conciliation, concord, concurrence, confluence,congregation, conjunction, consolidation, corporation, correlation, family, fellowship, fusion, harmony, identification, incorporation, joint, meeting, merging, synthesis, tie-in, tie-up,unanimity, unification, unison, uniting, unity...

Which words would you like to leave out by giving up your union and solidarity? I think, our lives would be pretty limited and lonely without our unions!

Whenever I feel worried or suspect of an unjust, I know my union will protect and defend me. It gives me an enormous  power and strength knowing that 'I am not alone and I don't have to go through all the obstacles on my own'.

Life is about making choices; what clothes you'll wear, where you'll go for holiday, who you'll vote, who you'll marry, how many children you'll have and which Union you'll belong to...It's an indispensable  part of democracy..If you can't decide about all of these, it means that you live in a dictatorship..And look what's happening to dictatorships!    

Please support The Edusolidarity Action in US because we are all connected and even if one person gets hurt, eventually we all bleed and hurt...


Sunday, 20 March 2011

School chatter daily...

  • T- "Right Kids! 21st Feb is the International mother language day. What does your mother language mean to you?" - "Normality" -Okeeeey:) "Let's expand this a little bit" - But I can't say this in any other language! :)) 
  • When walking in the school's corridor with one of my important visitors whose first time in the school...“Hi Miss"- "Hi" -"I was just wondering"- "Yes?" - "Ooh, do we have a psychiatrist in the school? I think I need one :))) 
  • "So Miss, during meet the tutor evening, will my parents only see you?" "Yes" -" Good then, cause I'm good with you. I don't have to worry :) "But I will have comments from other teachers as well, to feedback your parents" -"Ooh pls Miss, don't tell everything?":))) 
  • -' Miss, this lady teacher threw me out'- 'What did you do?' -Nothing, just sprayed myself in class, the others complained. -Why? I smelt. T- go and apologize, then she'll take you back. S-I didn't do anything wrong, I won't apologize. 
  • My Yr 11 group: "Miss, you know that boy loves this girl?" Teacher: "Do you know14th Feb's coming, write a card and give it to her":))) Teacher: "Please, stop flirting in the class. Focus on the topic. Leave the matter outside." Embarrassed laughs from students :)) 
  • Just another manic Monday :) Std-Miss, this room stinks, I don't want to get in T-We don't have any other room to go.. Std-Miss, I will faint from this smell! Teacher- Ok, then stay at the door, say you're here when I take the register Std- Oh thanks, Miss :)) 
  • Teacher: -Can you put your blazer on? St: -Don't like it! T-But it is part of your school uniform St: - Yeah, so? Teacher-The green hair band with the huge flower you are wearing is not part of the school uniform. Student -But all the other teachers tell me that it suits me, what's wrong with you? 
  • Teacher's rushing to the staff meeting...Knock knock...the door doesn't get opened... teacher opens the door to find one of the students hiding on the other side... S-Hi Miiiiiiiiissss! T-..Hi? S- You look stressed out! T- I need to run to the meeting. S- Oh, I thought something was wrong with you :) 
  • S (knocks the office door)-Miss, do you have chocolate rolls? T-No, why? Should I have them?S-No reason Miss. I just felt like eating them. T: Ok, next time I will have some S: Thanks Miss:))
  • T-Right kids. I'd like to give you lots of praise vouchers today. All you need to do is to read your favourite book quietly for 10 minutes..As it is quiet reading morning ..SA-But Miss I can’t read quietly, is it OK if I read out loud? SB- Miss, I don’t have a book, is it OK if I just keep quiet? SC- Miss, can I go to toilet? SD- Miss, can I go to drink water? SE- Miss, how was your break? SF-Miss, shall I help you with register? beeeep! beeeeep! beeep! T- Right, it's going to have to be quiet reading afternoon then..See you at pm register! Ss-Oooh, Miss:)

My musings on life...and Twitter...

  • I never imagined life like this. The life I imagined was just fantasy. Real life's a blade of a knife in between nightmares and smiles!
  • When I woke up this morning, I saw words on my shoulders! One said Smile, the other said Cry! I picked up 'Smile'. Looked around some more; I saw 'Peace' and 'War', picked up 'Peace' because it looked calm! Suddenly, I heard some others shouting; War :( I turned my head around and tried to find the words I liked. I saw 'Love' and 'Friendship' and showed the others; said "I don't have 'War' ‘Compassion’,'Empathy' and 'Honesty' are the words I have. I offered them and asked them to choose. They thought I was crazy :) So just to make me happy, they chose 'Empathy' and let me go :) 
  • Lookout twitter-bazaar, words are flying around you; chose them wisely to express your thoughts and wishes! Think twice before using negatives; thrice before breaking a heart. Follow to encourage, unfollow to disagree... 
  • If your children want to talk to you; switch off the TV, turn off the radio, put away your drink, have eye contact, look face to face... Switch off everything, just listen, don't interrupt, don't judge, don't give advice, don't undermine, don't humiliate, just listen!!! If your children want to hug you; you're lucky :) Just drop everything in your hands on the floor and give them a big hug :) If your children want to cry, make sure your shoulder is free, have the paper tissues and cry together. Every minute is worth it! 
  • Good morning and gunaydin to all the members of twitter-globe. Have a fantastic day:) smile, cause everybody smiles in same language:-) 
  • If everybody was able to take a stand against bullying, the world would be a fantastic place to live. 
  • Twitter is like yelling from a mountain cliff; your voice echoes right back at you like a boomerang. =) 
  • I imagine living in a society where I can hear all the languages of the world. When it rains, all the smiles and greetings would be my umbrella. All the warm thoughts and different ideas would be my richness. I want to hear children laughing and playing in all the different languages in the world where they are not afraid to speak up! 
  • I am just a human with eyes and a heart. I try to feel before I see, so I sometimes close my eyes and open my heart. Sometimes I open my eyes and close my heart:( I have places to see, other humans to meet. I have obstacles to overcome. I need time to grow! I cry when no one is looking. I speak when no one is listening. I give my hand when no one needs it. I take it back when there is a need! I am just a human like any other. Thinking small, dreaming big. I am a mirror showing humans themselves. So they don't like me a lot! 
  • Languages in the world are like colours of the rainbow. When we lose one language, our rainbow fades away! 
  • Let your followers free, if they stay, they're yours. İf they don't, they weren't interested in your ideas in the first place anyway :)) 
  • Multiculturalism is to be able to accept and respect each other with all the different race, religion, sexual orientation and age... And live together in peace and harmony under the same law of international human rights. 
  • I'm a real person. I have high hopes and small steps. I see people like me. I hear voices of despair and fear but I keep my hopes high! 
  • If you want your children to speak your language, never hesitate to speak to them in first language but make sure you are consistent. 
  • If you are hungry, the last thing you care is your education! If you live in poverty, the last thing you care is the anatomy of a frog! Unless you get to eat the frog! If you want to educate all the children in the world, first feed them well! 
  • If there were a nation called People of Sun, I would've loved to be one of them! Good morning from sunny London! Sun gives me positive energy.One thing for sure if I was an Eskimo, I would have been in depression all the time and in need of psychological help :) Me no like snow :)) 
  • Thinking in two languages needs twice the size of normal brain but most importantly twice the size of normal heart! It is a tiring process :) 
  • Does language mean identity really? If you can't speak your native language, what part of your identity you lose? Part of your soul maybe! 
  • Sometimes life becomes so tiring that it makes you feel depressed and unmotivated to carry on. In these moments, little precious things come along and make you want to see the next day. I wish you to have the little precious things all the time and never let go of them..look around you they exist.
  • Smile to feel good..Laugh to feel better..Help someone to feel great!
  • The definition of human: a bipedal primate mammal (homo sapiens). Human nature: the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans. That's it! If there's no heart involved,definition of humans is no different than any other species in the world! Add a little bit of feelings to it!Mix it up with some tears because the salt in them gives us some taste, laughter is the sugar we put, then what you get is a human being!
  • Essential tools to teach English to foreign students in England...1: welcome them and smile 2: learn to pronounce their names correctly..3: make them feel safe 4: provide them with lots of visuals 5: activate prior knowledge. 6: allow 1st language use 7: give them at least 30 seconds of thinking time before they answer questions. 8: celebrate the correct answers, encourage for more 9: if they don't want to talk at first let it..10: celebrate their cultural and religious festivals in school 11: keep contact with the parents. 12: just relax, they are just like any other kid:)
  • Ok back to 'learning the foreign students names correctly', I witnessed this conversation many times "What's your name" "Jire, Miss." "I'll never remember this name. I'll call you Gerry, Ok?" :))) No, not OK! Who wants to change their names for the sake of a teacher?:) My daughter has 2names and one is Turkish which is written as Yasemin. It is pronounced as Yaa-sa-meen. When my uncle asked her once if he can call her Yasmin, she said "No, my name is Yasemin, not Yasmin" only at 5 yrs old:) Your first name is connected with your identity. It's Tuuba not Tube, thank you very much:) 
  • If you are in a room, the details you notice are the ones no one else notices, what is your job then? If you can't think about anything else but organizing your ideas, according to a timeline. Dreaming about a character night and day..If only you know how the story begins, continues and ends...Your job is to write until they call you a writer!
  • There is no use to ask 'Why the strong will of democracy now?' because it should have been yesterday! Humans deserve to vote their leader! I feel so lucky to witness and support this awakening while I'm still alive! Democracy, not now but forever!
  • I've learnt to wait and think before saying or doing things for the events or people that upset me, avoided catastrophes and chaos.
  • Twitter taught me to fit my imagination into 140 characters. I never thought it would be possible...
  • On BBC1 There was a debate about if feminism led to more violent women. What nonsense! Only more violent men led to more feminism everywhere.
  • It sometimes shocks me how some people easily use swear words on twitter:( Manners still exist in cyber-world, don't they?
  • Sometimes you find the right people, sometimes they come and find you:) Don't ever give up searching...

    Tuesday, 8 March 2011

    Papa- Intermediate level-Teaching English through songs

    Everyday my papa would work to help to make ends meet
    To see that we would eat, keep those shoes upon my feet
    Every night my papa would take and tuck me in my bed
    Kiss me on my head after all the prayers were said
    Growing up with him was easy time just flew on by
    The years began to fly, he aged and so did I

    I could tell that mama wasn't well
    Papa knew and deep down so did she, so did she
    When she died my papa broke down and cried
    All he said was "God, why not take me?"

    Every night he sat there sleeping in his rocking chair
    He never went upstairs, all because she wasn't there
    Then one day my papa said "Son, I'm proud the way you've grown.
    Make it on your own. Oh, I'll be OK alone"

    Every time I kiss my children papa's words ring true
    "Your children live through you they'll grow and leave you, too"
    I remember every word my papa used to say
    I live them everyday he taught me well that way

    Every night my papa would take and tuck me in my bed
    Kiss me on my head when my prayers were said
    Every night my papa would take and tuck me in my bed
    Tuck me in my bed after my prayers were said ...

    Paul  Anka 

    Match the meaning...

    Idioms/phrasal verbs
    Their meaning
    to make ends meet

    To crush; to overwhelm

    to break down
    To succeed by yourself

    to live through you (someone)
    To experience life through someone  
    to make it on your own

    To get older/to age

    to ring true

    To pass quickly

    to grow up

    From your heart

    to fly on by

    To be true

    deep down
    to have enough money to pay for your basic expenses

    Comparing the father figure in this song with own or the other father figures students know;


    1. Did your father read stories to you at night? Did he put you in bed?
    2. Do you say prayers before you go to bed?
    3. In your family or in other families you know when/at what age do children leave the house?
    4. Would you put your own children in bed and read them stories? Why/ why not?
    5. What are the advantages of storytelling for children?
    6. Do you have good relations with your father? Can you share your thoughts, worries, relationships and problems with him?
    7. What kind of a parent do you want to be? Would you like to listen to your children when they want to talk to you? 
    The websites that explaining traditions in some countries where our students come from;

    Prepared by T. Bauhofer

    Saturday, 5 March 2011

    The Parliament of Blood by Justin Richards; EAL students’ preparation to reading;


    This is the book our year 8 groups reading this term. I have 2 EAL students in one of the groups; one boy comes from Pakistan and the other boy comes from China. Both of them are literate in first languages; Urdu and Mandarin. Chinese boy has been to the UK for 5 months. He didn’t study any English in school. Urdu speaker has been to the UK for a year and a half and he studied some English in his school in Pakistan.

    They both like to read stories in their first language. Urdu and Mandarin alphabet characters are different then English alphabet characters therefore both attended our 6weeks literacy group, designed for illiterate students, to learn the letters and phonics. They also attended our KS3 EAL 12 Subject Induction programme.

    To assess EAL students, we use ‘A language in common levels’; please see the link below.

    Urdu speaker’s reading level is 3 and the Mandarin speaker’s reading level is 1S according to these levels.

    Level 1Secure descriptors;

    Pupils use their knowledge of letters, sounds and words to establish meaning when reading familiar texts aloud, sometimes with prompting. They comment on events or ideas in poems, stories and non-fiction.

    Suggested strategies;

    · use of worksheets supported by visual cues

    · games, lotto / pelmanism

    · matching beginnings and ends of sentences

    · paired reading

    · use of tapes to listen and record (developing intonation patterns)

    · answer questions with short phrases

    · sequence text with pictures

    · read play scripts of familiar texts (developing intonation and expression, and understanding of character

    Level 3 descriptors;

    Pupils understand many culturally embedded references and idioms, but may still require explanations. From Key stage 2 onwards pupils can read a range of complex texts starting to go beyond the literal by using some higher order reading skills such as inference, deduction and hypothesis.

    Pupils read a range of texts fluently and accurately. They read independently, using strategies appropriately to establish meaning. In responding to fiction and non-fiction they show understanding of the main points and express preferences. They use their knowledge of the alphabet to locate books and find information.

    Suggested strategies;

    · dictionary / thesaurus work

    · use of highlighter to track ideas at paragraph / text level

    · visual / audio / video support for text

    · interactive visual display around text

    · opportunities to link to personal experiences

    · hot seating characters

    · provide a framework to ask / answer questions about the text e.g. who, what, where grid, book reviews

    · discuss homonyms

    · explain cultural references / nuances

    · cross-curricular references and links

    Before reading activities that I did with the students;

    We looked at the cover of the book and I asked following questions;

    1. What is the name of the book? Who is it written by?

    2. What can you see in the picture? Is it a man or a woman?

    3. What colours can you see in the picture?

    4. What colour is the man’s eyes? Is he a white or a black man?

    5. Why does he have different teeth? What does he do with them?

    6. What is the liquid coming out of his mouth?

    7. How is he feeling? What are his emotions? Is he happy or angry? Is he feeling weak or strong?

    8. How does he make us feel; scared, irritated, upset, weak etc.?

    9. What else can you see in the picture?

    10. What are these flying animals called? Why are they important?

    11. Is it day or night time? How do you know?

    12. What are the buildings called? Where is this story set then?

    13. What would you do if you see this man on the road? What would you do if you were this man?

    Afterwards we looked at the blurb and determined the following;

    Setting (Where and when?): 1886, London.

    Plot (What happens): Eddie, George, Liz and Sir William must separate the terrifying truth from the lies and fiction. Or else we shall all be doomed as they return to do battle with their greatest foe yet...

    Finally we watched the short clip to promote the book on YouTube and discussed the setting, tone of music and the heartbeat in the end.

    Follow up: To discuss with the students if they have similar stories in their countries. What are they called? Why are they similar? Who are the characters and what do they do?