Saturday, 12 February 2011

RE (Religious Education) KS3 induction lesson for EAL students: Meditation session

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in, and deep breathe out.

Inhale and exhale! When you exhale, imagine yourself on a beach. You can hear the sound of waves; you can smell the fish and you can touch the water. You are walking on the beach. The water is cool and refreshing.

Inhale and exhale! This time you are climbing up a mountain. No one stands in your way. Everyone wants you to achieve. All you need is your courage and determination. Finally you reach the peak. Now you can touch the sky. You are proud of yourself.  

Inhale and exhale! This time you are at your favourite place. It is your country, your city…. You see yourself at home. It’s peaceful. It’s calming. Look around you…You see your family, relatives and friends. They are all smiling at you. They are so happy and proud to see you. Give them hugs and kisses one by one.  Look at their smiling and welcoming faces. Tell them how much you miss them and tell them you will always love them.

Inhale and exhale…  Now take that happy place with you to your classroom. Smile… Inhale and when you exhale, relax, and open your eyes.    

Teacher’s comment

I read it with a calm and slow music in the background.

Generally first reaction of the students is to laugh. They have lots of problems to keep their eyes closed. Everyone tries to look at each other to make sure that the others also close their eyes, so they don’t look silly.

In the first part, they still have problems to focus. By the second paragraph, they start to listen but still with some giggles.

When I start to read the third paragraph, everybody is quiet. There is no one talking and giggling also stops! Complete silence...     

Created by T. Bauhofer


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