Tuesday, 7 June 2011

People who inspire me...

On Twitter, I follow lots of great people who I learn a lot from. I wanted to write about three of those people and their great links I enjoy reading and learning.

Here they are;

@ShellTerrell is the writer of The 30 Goals Challenge and International Speaker, /  cofounder, VP of Edu Outreach , SC Mgr 
She is another wonderful humanitarian who I learn a lot from. She worked with troubled teens at alternative schools and in low income neighbourhoods. She also participated in programs that reached out to teens in juvenile detention centres. She worked with homeless children as part of her non-profit organisation, ETHOS. She now teaches English to children, teens and adults in Germany. Her edublog is http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/about/  won 'Most Influential Tweet and Series of Tweets' and the 'Tweet Discussion' award.

@esolcourses  Sue Lyon-Jones is a webmaster, writer/multimedia author, teacher & REFL bod. She runs English lessons website www.esolcourses.com which has free lessons, games, quizzes and teaching resources. She is a great educator and provides excellent resources which I enjoy using for extra curriculum activities and special days and events in my school.     

@Mruff221 is Mark Ruffalo who is a great actor and director. He was recently nominated with Oscar for 'Best Supporting Actor' and he made his directorial debut with 'Sympathy for Delicious'. He is now playing in 'Avengers' as the Incredible Hulk and I believe he really is...He fights for so many causes and really supports all the relevant organisations and charities which are close to his heart. One of these charities is @WaterDefense and has a web site http://www.waterdefense.org/  Fracking, tar sands and coal are the issues that the charity tries to raise awareness against. Another charity he supports, is @crowdrise http://www.crowdrise.com/markruffalo In 2001, he had to have a brain tumour removed which is why he initiated projects for the 'Acoustic Neuroma Association and the Brain Tumour Foundation'. He wants to make sure that through these organisations, tumour victims have access to the much needed support and resources to get them through treatment.

All three of these people are truly inspirational figures who encourage me to become better at what I do. 

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