Sunday, 9 January 2011

Diversity Week Assembly...

Learning a language is a very exciting experience. It brings many advantages to people’s lives.
When we are learning a language it is not enough just to speak, to read, to write the language. Learning a language is like learning a song….We need to feel it. We need to understand the meaning, sense of humour, culture and thought behind it. We need to discover the rhythm of the language. Through this discovery we learn and understand the structure of our first language and our own culture better. This discovery also brings us closer to the native speakers.

As the Sicilian poet Ignazio Butitta said;

“Shackle a people, strip them bare, cover their mouth; they are still free
Deprive them of work, their passports, food and sleep; they are still rich
A people are poor and enslaved when they are robbed of the language inherited from their parents: it is lost forever”

Our school has a very diverse and multi- lingual environment. We value first languages, cultures, religions, identities and race. We aim to create a safe and enjoyable learning space for our students. We celebrate global events such as; European Languages Day, Black History Month, Fair Trade Week, Gypsy Roma Traveler Month, Refugee Week and Diversity Week. We believe all our students gain a lot from these multicultural celebrations.       

I believe that only by getting to know others, our students can get to know themselves better and therefore, their self confidence can grow. If we wish peace in the world, first we should have peace at home.   

I would like to warmly welcome you to our school and I know that you as parents, play a very crucial part in the success of your children. We believe that with your support and the school’s guidance, our students will be able to achieve their highest potential.

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