Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dissecting the bilingual brain- Insights of thinking in two languages...

A bilingual can listen to songs in one language whilst reading in the other. 
A bilingual can watch a sitcom in one language and tweet in another whilst laughing hysterically.
Beware of a bilingual! During a conversation in one language with you, s/he may suddenly say things in the other.
A bilingual can talk to people on the phone in one language and talk to people in the same room in another at the same time.
A bilingual can dream in one language and then abruptly start dreaming in another. (My daughter)
A bilingual can visualize numbers in one language and recite them aloud in another.
A bilingual likes watching films in their original language. 
A bilingual has interest for other cultures. (My husband) 
A bilingual may start a sentence in one language and finish in the other. 
A bilingual likes listening to the rhythm of other languages even though s/he may not understand them. 
A bilingual likes the transcendental journey between languages. (Elif Shafak)
A bilingual likes the challenge of translating between languages.  

Let's dissect the bilingual brains.. Write your daily experience or emotions about being bilingual and I will add to my blog..