Friday, 22 July 2011

My musings/tweets about this and that...

 to all waking up to a brand new day. If not    or  pick one pls..

What gets greater and sweeter by giving&sharing? Love,freedom, aspiration,success,inspiration, appreciation,kindness,food, drink&money,LIFE!

Reading about some connections freaks me out. We're actually managed by dark people so matrix is true.It's very dirty underneath!

: asks; Who is your favorite super hero and why?" My favourite super hero is Bond.James Bond, shaken but not stirred.He's invincible..

12 Turkish soldiers are killed by terorist organization PKK today. The peace process is ruined once more by violence and murder..

 This morning we woke up to a world where humans are still dying from hunger. Please help    

It breaks my heart to see children in  die from hunger while lots of food is thrown away in many parts of the world:(

Somalia's starving driven into violent Mogadishu.. I think it's quite embarrasing to watch and not being able to do anything about it. All Somalians I know are lovely and friendly! My students from Somalia describe the pain and destruction. Poverty is the main reason for these horrific scenes..

Reading  by  and loving it. He says 'We don't know who we can be until we know what we can do'. So true..

 everyone. I wish you a fab Thursday:) Heavy rain is announced for UK today and tomorrow...I will try to have fun with that:)

First, new year 7 induction morning then year 8 graduation ceremony and now I don't feel my legs. It was all fun. Nice to see smiling faces.

Our 80yr old neighbour never fails to impress us with his knowledge of our local area. He's not only able to tell the yr some of the houses were built, also how many of them were bombed by Germans during WW2. A walking history! He was in the British Air Force during the war. He told us our house was built in 1934.

There's no religion,race,belief, sexual orientation and ethnicity of terrorism.Stop using Islamic, at the beginning of a terrorist activity!

Started primary school visits today, kids look so fragile and worried about moving to secondary. Giant step for them.

 ve  today I woke up to the same Monday as last week.  

All the children should have the right to love, care, attention and decent education they deserve. 

I finished  's great books  and  so quickly that now I feel like a child who lost her candy...

I had a very challenging  session and don't feel my abdominals anymore. I still don't understand  language but know that it hurts...

I feel more tired than yesterday, if it's possible. Can't open my mouth to speak, my husband thinks it's wonderful:)

I am extremely worried about the future of , don't think they're doing enough to improve human rights.

Do these volcanoes have to erupt just before or during the school holidays? Poor families will be stuck at airports once again:(

Sleep deep  but not too deep that you wouldn't be able to recognise the thieves, hypocrites and cheaters:) 

Celebrating my 5000th tweet. I am so lucky to tweet up many beautiful people on Twitter. Thank you for bringing your colours into my life.

Still trying to recover from a very busy week. It's sweet to wake up and see my daughter's smiley face, telling me that breakfast is ready:)

Teacher: What do you want in life dearest? St.: A big house, a big car, a husband, a business, children etc.
Teacher: But your subject levels are really low, how are you going to have all these things without education? St: Don't care!

Teacher: you need to stop being rude to teachers and students. Student: But i'm like this to everybody, you can't blame me!

Today is   Help in anyway you can. Sometimes, even a nice smile or word would be enough..

I would like to follow and have followers who I can learn from..don't care about the numbers, I'm lucky that I met such fab people on Twitter.

The sun is shining..What a wonderful day the ironing:(

A wonderful and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers around the world. To my mother: Thank you for loving us unconditionally.

    Twitter Republic..Pls pick the suitable part of the day and have the best of it:) Have your lucky charms always with you!

 tweeties...Catch all the good tweets in your timeline while they are pouring. All of them are for you cause you're worth it!

If you don't create opportunities for kids to learn first language, you create enemies in your country, who feel they don't belong anywhere! Multilingualism is the key to have feet on ground and strength..

Happy  . I hope in the future, we'll praise the journalists who tell us the truth, not persecute them!

Sometimes I think 365 days of the year aren't enough to address all issues in the world! Come on people, wake up, so we don't keep reminding!

I was sorry that Gaddafi's grandchildren were killed in the attack. This is why war doesn't solve anything apart from deepening the pain!

Installing furniture from IKEA is like putting together a very complex jigsaw puzzle...with several missing pieces! It drives you crazy:)

 tatli ruyalar!  sweet dreams! schlaf gut! Add other languages and have multilingual sweet dreams:))